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Our cloud puffa has an off black polyester showerproof exterior shell that is treble insulated for ultimate cloud puff.

The three combined closure applications consist of hidden snap buttons, a size 10 metal zipper with a custom 'balance' stick double sided puller and then hidden magnetic clasps at the funnel neck.

Microfibre lined side entry pockets give extra warmth to the hands on those cold days, with a metallic black back embroidery showing the Creo Studios logo to the rear.

An iconic archive piece.

Get puffed.

All of our garments are sized up, measured, and intricately planned to perfection in house before sampling.

We have one shipment from country of origin to Manchester to approve the garment colour and garment base fabric.

Our second shipment is to approve garment fit, artworks and artwork placements. 

We then make comments and all changes are made via imagery before proceeding to production. 

We aim to reduce the amount of sampling rounds and combine stages of prototyping in order to reduce the frequency of shipments for a greener future.

Creō Studios Packaging: 

The transparent garment packaging is 100% Recyclable. 

The delivery bag & box packaging are 100% Recyclable. 

We are working towards developing a unique packaging that can be biodegraded within your own household, hopefully by your next order this will have been achieved.  

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