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Lucien Laviscount wore the most elegant tracksuit in the world to the Brit Awards and you can have it too

Lucien Laviscount wore the most elegant tracksuit in the world to the Brit Awards and you can have it too


Lucien Laviscount wore the most elegant tracksuit in the world to the Brit Awards and you can have it too

lucien laviscount
The actor wore a tracksuit so cool that you can wear it even for an awards ceremony before the Brit Awards.
Lucien Laviscount has been making merits for some time to become a benchmark for those who know the most about fashion. Ever since we fell in love with him with his role as Alfie in the second season of Emily in Paris , Lucien dazzles at every public appearance with looks that turn heads . And it is that there is no garment that resists the actor, neither the neon pink sets, nor the printed coats, much less the classic suits. Not to mention the skirt moment that he gave us at the Louis Vuitton show, crowning himself as the most stylish person of Fashion Week. Only a person with such a large capacity to molar can find the perfect tracksuit to dress up at an awards gala. 
Lucien Laviscount was in charge, along with Camille Razat, his co-star in the Netflix series, to deliver the award for Best Artist of the Year at the 2023 BRIT Awards . And when you present an award to Harry Styles , you have to live up to it. For the red carpet and the gala, Lucien and his partner opted for total black to go well together in the photo. The actor wore a Prada tuxedo that was the pinnacle of classic elegance and, although less transgressive than what we are used to, it was enough to capture all the flashes. The cool thing comes when we see how the actor was dressed for the rehearsals of the ceremony. Here he gives us a lesson in style.
Laviscount has uploaded a video to his Instagram profile in which he shows us the ins and outs prior to the event. That is where we have seen him with a look only suitable for the brave, in which a tracksuit serves as a suit to rehearse the stellar moment live. It consists of two pieces, a jacket and pants, both black with a white stripe on each side. The slightly oversized cut has a little bit of the 90s and a little bit of a relaxed suit. It is the set in which luxury, elegance and street style converge and Lucien Laviscount has caught it on the fly, combining it with a brown loafer . The turn to the combination of suit with sports that nobody expected.
The elegant tracksuit is from the Creō Studios brand , a firm born in Machester that puts creativity and the art of creating above all else. The brand is not unknown to the actor, who has been seen wearing his clothes on more than one occasion and posing with the new Creō releases every so often, the signature puffer being one of the actor's favorite clothes, which is not she has taken it off all winter.

The Luxe Tracksuit that Lucien Laviscount wore to the BRIT Awards is one of the studio's latest drop releases at  the end of January, but luckily you can still get hold of it. Limited units of both pieces are available on the Creō Studios website and best of all, it doesn't cost a fortune to dress like one of the most stylish people in the world.

The trend towards casual is increasingly evident, it was to be expected that the final evolution of the suit would go from the most meticulous tailoring to the relaxed fit and, finally, to exalt the tracksuit as the uniform of elegant types. It may seem like a radical gamble, but if said like that doesn't convince you, let Lucien Laviscount's look do it for us.